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long lines in COVID-19 times

What's the problem?

COVID-19 has changed everyone's lives and social distancing has created a new environment for stores, polling places, restaurants and businesses of all kinds. The need to limit entry has created long lines of people at least 6 feet apart, who must stand for long times outside in hot and cold weather. See below:

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This is not just an inconvenience; it contributes to spread of the disease, discourages shopping and could affect our democracy (as in the Wisconsin Election April 2020).

Support Safe Queue in the 2020 election

Let's face it.
People want to shop when they want to shop, and stay for as long as they need.

And frankly, no matter how hard we try to make reservations work, there is always going to be lines.

Stay safe in your car while waiting

How can Safe Queue help?

SAFE QUEUE is mobile web-app used by you and businesses to coordinate entry into the business. You enter the line at the business as you drive in, and stay in your car while in line. The business notifies you when you can go in. There is

  • No need to make a reservation, go to a store when you want
  • No sign-up, email, phone number or any personal information
  • Super-easy to use. Just tap to get in line.
  • Status updates always available.
  • Audio notifications. The App talks to you.

  • SAFE QUEUE uses your GPS location to know you are near a store. Only those who are within 1000 feet of a store can enter the store's line. If you drive away, you will be removed from the line. It's as if you were physically in line.

    Available on virtually any device as a web-app!
    There is nothing to install.
    Just click here!

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    How does SAFE QUEUE work?

    If you are a customer:

    There are several ways to use Safe Queue

    1. Open your browser to and you will see the safe queues that are nearby, with the closest first.

    2. Arrive at a business and scan a QR Code with your camera App. Try this one:

    3. Open Safe Queue from within a web site of a business ( see an example HERE)

    At you will see something like this:

    Tap on the map to see your position, the business and more!

    You don't need to check in, as the business now knows you are there. A QR Code is generated for you, used to confirm you entry into the business. This process takes a only a few seconds, after which you'll receive visual and audio notifications (on most browsers) as the business lets people in.

    Finally, you will be notified to come in:

    If your are a business:

    Open your browser to the Safe Queue manager link and create one of more Safe Queues, which are immediately visible to consumers. This is self-serve and super simple. You manage the line with simple controls. It is completely within your control to determine when and how many customers get into your business.

    You notify the customers and then when they arrive, you use the app to scan their phones to validate entry. There is no manual entry of any kind to perform these actions. It is completely automated.

    Privacy Policy

    For Consumers

    "Safe Queue does not require registration or personal information and therefore cannot and does not share information with any third party."

    For Businesses

    "Safe Queue requires disclosure of your business name while you are using the app so that other users can find your business. This information is not shared with any thrid party."

    Contact Information

    Protect your employees

    For Businesses

    We are currently seeking businesses to try SAFE QUEUE at no cost.

    Email us at

    Protect yourself

    For Customers

    Ask your local businesses about SAFE QUEUE.

    Email us at