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absolutely private social media

enclayve is the first and only social media network contained in a device you own and keep at home. Everything your family posts is stored on your device, and never in the "cloud". There is no advertisting, no fake data and no third parties of any kind.

Yes, you can own your own social network!

Safe Queue

virtual lines to fight the spread of COVID-19

Safe Queue is the first virtual line system to use GPS location as the criteria for joining a line. The system was selected 3rd place worldwide in the IBM 2020 Call for Code Global Challenge, including judges Mark Cuban and Bill Clinton.
In partnership with IBM, Safe Queue was available to any business free of charge, and was used all over the world to protect both employees and customers.

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Our Team

Dave Chura
CEO & Founder
35 years experience.
CTO at succesful startups, including an IPO and an acquisition. Director and Fellow for $600M business unit of a large company. Award winning mobile-app entrepreneur – 150,000 users. A dozen patents, in database, networking, compression.
Marie Chura
20 years experience.
Engineering Management for a large defense company.
John Fazzio
35 years experience.
CEO and Business Consultant who has both run and worked with small and mid-market companies in various stages of development from start-up to turnaround to planned growth.

Our Story

About Us

enclayve Group was founded by Dave Chura to make privacy a reality in social media. He had this radical idea: what if you set the terms for your network and had physical ownership of your data? There would be no need for advertising, data collection, tracking or fake posts. The enclayve product does exactly that and makes absolute privacy a reality.

Then came COVID-19. enclayve Group's launch in March 2020 at SXSW in Austin was cancelled. The company shifted and developed Safe Queue, an app for electronic social distancing. Safe Queue was selected by IBM in the Call For Code 2020 Global Challenge to fight COVID-19 and was awarded third place worldwide by judges that inlcuded Mark Cuban and Bill Clinton.

Dave Chura is a technologist with over 30 years of experience, having held the CTO position in successful startup ventures, as well as being named a Technical Fellow in a very large public company. His startup ventures have resulted in an IPO and acquisition. Dave has over a dozen patents in networking, databases, compression as well as is recognized expert in distributed systems. He has developed mobile apps delivered to 100’s of thousands of users. In 2021, Dave was name an "IBM Champion" by IBM.

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enclayve Group

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